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Jorune is a fantasy world from Skyrealms of Jorune, a role playing game from Skyrealms, Inc. Three editions have been published with a variety of supplments, and a wealth of fan-driven creations, websites and fanzines. The world is moribund and unlikely to have a fourth edition.

Jorune is a world discovered by Earth in the late 22nd Century, a time of serious unrest in world history. The first team of researchers to reach Jorune found a planet populated by many intelligent races from at least three different biologies.

The native race – Shantha – were distinguised by their lack of functioning visual receptors (eyes) but a pronounced “melon” sense and manipulate the native energy of Isho. The other native species are marked by isho-sensing organs and a lack of eyes.

A second biology was identified but the reason for this second biology remained unknown. Ramian, a particularly savage race, appear to be at the top of the ladder, closely following by the over highly intelligent but physically inept Thriddle. A number of lesser species also share their biology, including Corastin, Bochigon and the semi-intelligent Croid. The beast of burden, Lothern are also in this biological group.

A third biology is dominated by the intelligent, beetle like Cleash, their servant race of Scarmis, and a variety of lesster creatures, such as the Giggit.

Humans negotiated permission to create several dozen stations to research the multiple races and compatibility with Terran life forms. Ultimately 80 colonies were established.

Humans added a fourth biology to the world, originally consisting of Humans and their servant and food species. After The Shyee a researcher named Theodore Iscin created a variety of creatures based on Earth models, but actually created by the expression and suppression of selected genes. These include the catlike Blount, Crugar, Woffen,Bronth, and Tologra.

Later mutation in a period called The Age of Monsters (suspected by some to be Shanthic attempts at genetic mutations) developed in the Human line, creating Boccord, Muadra, Salu, Acubon, and Trarch. A line of Ramian, Thivin, appeared but was kept secret until fairly recently. An mild mannered mutation of Crugar appeared, the Cygra.

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